Tenants – how to make your application stand out

Firstly, let’s look at what the property owner wants  

You might be tempted to think that all property owners just want to rent their properties quickly so they can start to collect the rent. Whilst that maybe true for some, all most landlords want is a good tenant.

Property owners want a tenant that keeps the property to a reasonably clean, tidy state (not just before the inspection but all the time!). They want to be told about any maintenance that needs to be done to maintain the value of the property and while you are at the tenancy, they don’t want damages to their property or disturbances to others.  Not too much to ask for, is it?

For some owners its either a business transaction or it can be an emotional roller coaster.

Get ready to rent

This is crucial as you want to make a first good impression whether it is in person or in your application. Get all your references and proof you can pay the rent together and make sure there are no gaps in your renting history. If you have rented a few times and in between gone home to parents of flatted and the tenancy wasn’t in your name, make sure you add that in. if you are not sure what your credit history looks like you can easily get a credit report done online, this way you know in case something unexpected comes up as a landlord will do a credit check.

Getting noticed

When a property comes up for rent make sure it meets most of your requirements before you go and look at the property. If you need to ask any questions, please do as this shows you are interested and a good communicator. Before you call and ask if there is a viewing, read the add and follow any directions and check if a viewing is already loaded as you don’t want to ask if one is already listed.

Attending the viewing

I do lots of viewings and this is where your competition for that house starts. Make an effort to be on time and be presentable, remember this is your time to be making that good impression. Talk to the Property Manager or the Landlord so that you are memorable especially if there are a lot of people there. Be polite and show interest and just a hint of advice: We really don’t need all your life history as there is such a thing as too much information.

If you book in for a viewing, PLEASE show up as we do remember people who do this constantly, this is very annoying and simply rude. Enough said!

Making your application

So, you have seen the property, talked to the person running the viewing and now you want to apply to live at the property. We use Tenancy Practice Services for the application process, this is split into stages. Stage one is to be filled out if you are interested in the property and then Stage two if you would like to be considered for the tenancy. When you first set this up you can have a tenant profile which is essential that you take time to set up properly so that your application stands out.

Load up as much about yourself and your family as you like, photos, references etc and don’t miss the opportunity to relook at the property and ensure your application meets or is as close to the requirements as possible. This could be move in date, pets & smoking etc.

Preferred Applicant

If you are selected as the preferred applicant, we will need more information to form a tenancy agreement with you.  Make sure you get back to us quickly so we can get this all set up for you. At this stage ask any further questions before you sign the agreement.

Happy tenants

Over the years I have seen many tenants come and go and come back to us again. Things happen in life that are good and bad, we are all human and as well as supporting our owners we like to have good relationships with our tenants, they are the eyes and ears at the property for us and we often become friends.

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